Penetration Testing Framework updated to 0.24

People from a good security resource website have released a complete security map called "Penetration Testing Framework"

Tracked by SD Tools Watch

The PTF (pentestration tests framework) enumerates the stages one’s should perform during a test (as described in the OSSTMM manual)
Network footprinting
Discovery & Probing
Vulnerability assessment
Penetration (or exploitation)
Plus other tests as well as physical, wireless assessment....

Changes for 0.24

  • Whois section expanded.
  • Enumeration tool section expanded, now includes bluetooth and VoIP specific tools.
  • Mac Spoofing/ Manipulation software.
  • Extra ports added.
  • Extended Oracle section.
  • Extended Vulnerabilty Scanner section.
  • Broken urls fixed.
  • Resource references for both Vulnerability and Exploit Information

PS : SSA has been added to PTF Vulnerability Scanners Section

Post scriptum


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