BEST IT Security and Auditing Software 2007

Since we have started IT security auditing and assessment, we have tested and used tons of tools, utilities and softwares. A lot of them were discontinuted, closed their code or just bought by vendors. But (hopefully), the best are still alive.

Now, by the end of the year 2007, i become slightly melancholic and decide to release a survey of the most efficient IT Security Softwares for auditors, security administrators and pentesters.

However, I deeply think that every little script or utility wrote by individual developer or hacker is a gem. Just take a look at sourceforge project repositories to be amazed. They will continue to serve us for years to come.

— Happy New Year.

Commercial softwares

Name Link
Core Impact
LanGuard NSS

Methodologies and references

Name Link
OWASP Software and Methodology
PTF Penetration tests Framework
WTF Wireless Testing Framework
WebAppSec documents
NIST Releases
AuditNet Resources

Survey realised with Security-Database Tools Watch Service Statistics.

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