HITB Ezine ’Reloaded’ - Issue #001

Released HITB Magazine.
Vol. 1, Issue 1, January 2010.

The people of Hack In the Box, decided to make the ezine available for free in the continued spirit of HITB in “Keeping Knowledge Free†. In addition to the freely available PDF downloads, combined editions of the magazine will be printed in limited quantities for distribution at the various HITBSecConf’s around the world - Dubai, Amsterdam and Malaysia. We aim to only print somewhere between 100 or 200 copies (maybe less) per conference so be sure to grab a copy when they come out!

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Issue #001

  • Exception Detection on Windows
  • The Art of DLL Injection
  • LDAP Injection - Attack and Defence Techniques (Cover Story)
  • Xprobe2-NG: Low Volume Remote Network Information Gathering Tool
  • Malware Obfuscation: Tricks and Traps
  • Reconstructing Dalvik: Applications Using UNDX

PDF: https://www.hackinthebox.org/misc/HITB-Ezine-Issue-001.pdf

More information: here

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