Security-Database improvements

First of all, the security-database team is wishing you a happy new hacky year 2009.

Some improvements has been made to security-database website :

  • The full advanced alerts is now reached with a personal user interface. The interface will be customizable with the aim to supply users / professionals with the best vulnerabilities tracking against their own "environment". The registration is fully free.
  • Internal Vulnerability Crosslinker optimized and offers better interaction with Open Standards (CVE, OVAL, CPE, CWE, CAPEC, CVSS V2.0) and vendors alerts
  • A submit tool feature added to track new softwares. The "submitted" tool is sent to team for validation. Since its beginning, the security-database tools watch service is only tracking for the most useful auditing and pentesting software. In fact, we cannot cover all the security tools. Other sites are more suitable for this purpose. So, the submitted tool should fit with the list of "categories". The name of the contributor will be also added (unless he does not want to).

Other news

  • FireCAT (including the paper and all releases) reached 500.000 downloads. We do thank you all and specially those who gave their time for a contribution.
  • SSA 1.7 is still on beta testing. We were very busy this year with our respective jobs. Besides, the SSA 1.6 fix is available to correct the schema incompatibility
  • FireCAT 1.5 will see the day very soon. The release 1.5 will be the final 1.X branch version. A great improvement will be announced with FireCAT 2.0.
  • The Best IT security and auditing software 2008 will be also available in January. The last IT 2007 was a great success and downloaded more than 100.000 times
  • The AS/400 Audit Checklist will turn to release 1.0. A plugin should also be added to SSA 1.7
  • A new Evidence Collector release is under development.

The projects roadmap is long we will keep you updated as soon as progresses are made.