Security-Database Update

Hello everybody

Long time that we post here. But, for this new year, and happy new year, we have made some improvement on our Security-Database Engine that we are *proud* :

News :

  • Adding : Metasploit Framework into our Alert and Dashboard ( Ex : MS11-050 )
  • Adding : US-CERT alerts (Technical Alert - TAXX-XXX). All since 2007
  • Adding : CPE information’s for each alert which have one, you can now navigate into CPE when clicking on it, try it !
  • Updating : All Alerts with better information’s quality
  • Updating : Whole better performance (Alerts / CPE / VDNA)
  • Updating : Re-Enabling Sun alert for Archiving and History
  • Improvement : Mandriva have change a little, now we track parent / children
    Example : MDVSA-2011:176 parent of MDVSA-2011:176-1 and MDVSA-2011:176-2
  • Improvement : New captcha integration for the login system. Now, we use reCaptcha from Google

Alert modifications :

  • Now, we provide All alerts with the same template for better reading
  • Add tweeter and Facebook on each alert, so you can share with other
  • CPE sorting now work (except for some, like google witch have to much dot in version ;) )
  • Now CPE will display even if javascript is disable

Others :

  • Change of Alerts listing for better view (view-all)

Dashboard :

  • CPE sorting now work !
  • Upgrading dashboard provide new entry (US-CERT)

Oval Repository :

  • Changing information display on Oval repo for better visibility

and more ...

Beside, we are working on other vendor integration and CWE validation program, and perhaps, a new template ;)

The Security-Database Team