plecost v0.2.2-7 Beta (Update!)

Wordpress finger printer tool search and retrieve information about the plugins versions installed in Wordpress systems.

It can analyze a single URL or perform an analysis based on the results indexed by Google. Additionally displays CVE code associated with each plugin, if there.

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Version 0.2.2-7 Beta

  • Fixed some execition errors.


Plecost works in two modes. On the one hand by analyzing a single URL and the other analyzing the results of Google searches (-G).

-G      : Google search mode
-n      : Number of plugins to use (Default all - more than 7000).
-c      : Check plugins only with CVE associated.
-R file : Reload plugin list. Use -n option to control the extension (This take several minutes)
-o file : Output file. (Default "output.txt")
-i file : Input plugin list. (Need to start the program)
-s time : Min sleep time between two probes. Time in seconds. (Default 10)
-M time : Max sleep time between two probes. Time in seconds. (Default 20)
-t num  : Number of threads. (Default 1)
-h      : Display help. (More info:

More information: here

Thank you to Fran, from INIQUA to sharing this tool with us.

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