VisualRoute v13.1a available

VisualRoute is a free IP tracer analyzes network connectivity, identifies IP address locations. It analyzes your Internet connection to determine precisely where and how data traffic is flowing, identifying where any bottlenecks occur. A trace report details the performance of each portion of the connection route, including any dropped data packets and network latency, along with the IP address, node name and network provider.


  • Graphical View of Traceroute, Ping, Reverse DNS Connectivity Analysis
  • IP Location Reporting
  • Whois Lookups, Network Provider Reporting
  • OmniPathâ„¢ Multiple Path Discovery
  • NetVuâ„¢ Multiple Route Topology Graph
  • Application Port Testing, Port Probing, DNS Peformance Testing
  • Traceroute Tests from Visualware Servers
  • Continuous Connection Testing with Report History
  • Reverse Traces from Remote Desktops Help Resolve Customer Connectivity Problems
  • IPv6 Compatibility

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