NetReconn v1.72 - released

A small set of tools based on previous reference programs and scripts. Currently consists of: tiny network strobe, sniffer and payload decoder.

These tools are not meant to replace current tools out there; they are designed to be small, fast and "do one thing well".

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Version 1.72

  • fixed ipdump manpage
  • added payload decoder ndecode
  • better input validation (still not perfect though)
  • converted to standard exit codes everywhere
  • nstrobe: Fixed AI_ADDRCONFIG error on NetBSD
  • deleted mini portcheck program, quickport() routine does this in nstrobe
  • Added primitive ipv6 support to nstrobe
  • moved ip4map to nstrobe which is what it is really doing
  • deleted all of the wrapper scripts


  • Ping-like only fast connect/select check
  • Precheck support (skips dead hosts) and keeps going
  • Tiny footprint with only one dependency (pcap) for the sniffer
  • Easy to use and modify for your own systems
  • Simple port range support e.g.-*p 23 or-*p 22-80
  • Fine grained timeout support in seconds, useconds or both
  • Fast by default but able to do non-strobes (past port 1024/no service mapping)
  • Optional full tcp connect for every port
  • Very fast packet watching capability with little tiny footprint
  • Simple subnet specification in the form of x.x.x.x-X
  • ipv6 support (EXPERIMENTAL)

More information: here

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