Metasploit Framework v3.3 released (includes support for Windows 7)

The Metasploit Framework is a development platform for creating security tools and exploits. The framework is used by network security professionals to perform penetration tests, system administrators to verify patch installations, product vendors to perform regression testing, and security researchers world-wide. The framework is written in the Ruby programming language and includes components written in C and assembler.

Version 3.3 is the latest stable release of the Metasploit Framework and the recommended starting point for new users. Using the online update system, this version can be synchronized with the development tree to obtain the latest exploits and payloads. Please see the Release Notes for more information about this version.

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The 3.3 Draft Release Notes go into detail on the new features and behaviors of this version.


SHA1: 2e166bd87390389716a43a7598f8dfa0e1c86b96

SHA1: 474326625ba5f94b9c139c26be62c9681ff6e1ea

SHA1: 8c1e4602fb3d615018959104c11de0a3637f3a49

SHA1: 6e03bb16724a8cfd93caeafd33e8e9c67116ee61

Download a snapshot via Subversion:

$ svn co

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